Professional and Guaranteed Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Services for Temple City, CA Residents

Do you know the common signs of a broken garbage disposal? There are a couple of obvious ones such as an appliance that won’t turn on or a jammed disposal, but there are not so obvious signs too. For example, is your kitchen sink backing up frequently? This could be caused by a clog in the drain line, but it may also be a sign that there is a blockage in the actual disposal.  What about water leaks? Have you noticed any water damage under your sink? If so, there could be a faulty seal on your garbage disposal that is causing the damage. With so many possibilities isn’t it important to have the best garbage disposal repair service in Temple City?

No matter what the problem may be the ideal solution is to call for plumbing service from qualified, top-rated plumbing pros in Temple City, CA, right away!

Our Garbage Disposal Repair Process

It may not appear so on the surface, but repairing a faulty garbage disposal is a complex process. First, you need to figure out the source of the problem. This requires a detailed inspection that should only be performed by a licensed plumber. Once the problem is identified, it may be necessary to remove the appliance to make the repairs. These repairs may include replacing a damaged flywheel, replacing the motor, or rewiring certain parts of the system. Either way you slice it (no pun intended), garbage disposal repair is not something to be taken lightly. After the repairs are made the disposal will need to be reinstalled and tested.

Sounds exhausting right? Every day we get phone calls from adventurous homeowners who decided to take on their own garbage repair. The result is usually not so pretty and it can end up costing a lot more than it would have cost just to call for professional plumbing service in the first place.

Ask Us about Our Maintenance Programs

Whether we are repairing a broken disposal or installing a new system for you, ask us about our maintenance programs. Keeping your garbage disposal running for years without fail requires upkeep and proper usage. Our plumbers can discuss with you the many ways you can protect your disposal and show you how to properly use the appliance.

Pick up the phone or shoot us an email to learn more about our numerous services for the residents of Temple City, CA. We strive to provide the best garbage disposal repair and replacement service in town and are always just a phone call away when you need our help!